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In January 2005, Bethany Hughes stepped on the scales and was shocked that it read 175 -- the same she weighed at the peak of her last pregnancy. After a good cry, she bought running shoes and made a personal commitment to getting in shape. She made some progress, but it wasn't until she started doing one-on-one boot camps with her trainer, Vince Grbic, that she saw the real results that came from incorporating fun and laughter and an upbeat attitude to her workout.

Not long after Vince started Bethany on her one-on-one, boot-camp-style workouts, she invited other women to join her. Since then, more than 600 women have participated in the boot camps and experienced how a fun, go-at-your-own-pace workout can make a huge difference in how you feel and how you look.

In an easy-to-read style, this book catalogs not only Bethany's personal story of success, but also Vince's philosophy of how to get fit and healthy, and how to stay that way. The book includes specific exercise programs, health and fitness tips and much more. Read the reviews.

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How it all started

At a recent book signing, Bethany and Vince talk about how Love Your Body Fitness got started. Watch the YouTube video (right).

About the authors

Bethany Hughes was a busy working mother of two who stepped on the scale one day and was shocked to learn that somehow she’d manage to get back up to her pregnancy weight when she wasn’t even pregnant! She had struggled with her weight throughout her entire life and finally, with the help and encouragement of her trainer, Vince Grbic, she managed to transform herself from and out of shape size 14 down to a lean size 4! Bethany continues to be an inspiration to women around Houston and was featured as a “Before and After” success story in the March issue of Health Magazine.

Vince Grbic is referred to as “Every Women’s Trainer” by the many women who have finally succeeded reaching their goals with his help. He has more than 20 years of experience in fitness and holds a masters degree in health and exercise related fitness from the University of Houston. He is the former Fitness Director at River Oaks Country Club and is the lead trainer and co-founder of Love Your Body Fitness boot camps as well as a long time personal trainer in Houston’s premier fitness clubs.

After a long and successful career in fine-art sales, Vince convinced Bethany to quit her job and, together, they started Love Your Body Fitness boot camps. Since 2006, they have had more than 600 women join this effective women-only boot camp and are well on their way to helping many other women achieve what Bethany has. Now they have added a book as another resource for women. They co-authored the book, Love Your Body: The Real Secret to Weight Loss and Lifetime Fitness. In the book, they describe all of the fitness and nutrition tips and tools Bethany used to reach her goals in a simple and easy to read format, complete with color photographs of all the key exercises Vince recommends. In about an hour, the reader will be able to walk away with enough information to begin taking the necessary and healthy steps towards loving her own body!

Order the book for $19.95.

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