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I loved the book, especially the chapters for gym, outdoor and home workouts. As you can imagine, the chapter on “home” is my favorite right now as I have just had my first baby. Your stories are so inspiring, and I love your message that workouts should be fun and full of variety. With the new baby making it impossible to commit to an exercise class schedule right now, now your book was perfect timing for me! ~ Erynn

"I love your message that workouts
should be fun and full of variety."

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I have a real thing about gyms ... they are foreign places to me, because everyone seems to know what to do. I feel like I'm playing dress up and look stupid exercising. But like everyone our age, I've started to creak a little. I started exercising and the creaking stopped. Who knew that exercise could actually make you feel good!

I was looking for a book on nutrition that would de-mystify the new info about what we should and shouldn't eat. I never found one that didn't seem to contradict itself. So I started reading your book. Your book doesn't make me feel like a wannabe! I'm actually going to cut out the little exercise photo cards (in the back of the book) and take them with me to the gym. And the nutrition info makes sense. I'll never give up all the stuff that is bad for me, but it gives me a shot at doing a better job of feeding my family. ~Carol

"Your book doesn't make me feel like a wannabe!"

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After reading your book, I have a renewed sense of determination. This book is so inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Here is a woman, much like myself, who has finally conquered the weight-control demons. She has finally gotten it all together -- exercise and nutrition -- and it is actually working for her. After reading the book, I could hardly wait to get started on making the changes necessary to get into shape and start loving my body.

The concept of the book is so simple and it makes so much sense. If you follow Vince and Bethany’s basic exercise programs and proper nutritional guidelines, you too will see a difference in your body quickly. The biggest factor, however, is commitment. You have to be committed to living a healthy lifestyle if you want to be successful and stay successful.

From cover to cover, Love Your Body Fitness is talking right to me, that person who for years has been struggling with exercising and “dieting” with little or no success. That person who looks in the mirror and looks away quickly so as to not get too discouraged. After reading this book, I am now ready to commit to a new lifestyle. I am ready to get in shape, stay in shape and love my body. ~ Diana Hecht

"This book is so inspiring, motivating and encouraging."

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Heart attacks kill 500,000 in the United States every year. You need to change your life, or your life will change you — and not for the better. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle are the keys. Bethany and Vince’s book provides the reader with a wonderful guide to sensible eating, practical exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Prudent advice is available, for the beginner to the aficionado, to care for your heart the LYBF way. ~ Dr. Joseph Coselli, chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery - Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine; chief of Adult Cardiac Surgery at the Texas Heart Institute

"Bethany and Vince’s book provides the reader with a wonderful guide
to sensible eating, practical exercise, and a healthy lifestyle."

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