Got a question not answered here? Please feel free to write to us or call.

Q: I'm trying to register and then pay online, and I'm having technical difficulties!
A: Chances are, you simply need to refresh your page. Using a PC? Simply hold the "Ctrl" key and press "F5." On a Mac, hit the "refresh" button. Still having technical trouble? Write us here and give us the specifics on what issues you're experiencing. We'll do everything we can to help you!

Q: I've never participated in any organized fitness program. Will I be able to do this?
A: Yes! Our boot camps truly are for every level. We encourage you, but we also ensure that you are going at the pace that is appropriate for you and gives you the most benefit. We have fun and we use lots of humor. You'll do great!

Q: How are your trainers qualified?
A: All of our trainers have certifications and are well-educated in a variety of fitness techniques. Some have advanced physical education degrees. See the trainer bios

Q: Can I pay by check?
A: We now accept all payments exclusively online (MasterCard or VISA). Please let us know if this is a problem.

Q: Can I bring cash to class?
A: Sorry, we don't accept cash.

Q: Can I register for a class on site?
A: No. We only accept online registration.

Q: What do other women say about these camps?
A: Because of our go-at-your-own-pace philosophy, our upbeat attitude and the results of our participants, the LYBF Boot Camps have been extremely popular. Read some of the participant testimonials.

Q: Can I jump into a boot camp that already has begun?
A: Yes! In fact, to help you get started as soon as you are ready, we'll even pro-rate your fee accordingly.

Q: If I miss a class, can I make it up?
A: Yes, if you are a current registered boot camp participant, you can make up a missed class with a $5 Switch-a-Class fee. (The makeup class must occur within the same week as your regular class). You can pay online. Trainers can not accept cash.

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: If you are unable to continue with a boot camp class because of circumstances beyond your control (such as an injury), we are happy to offer you non-transferable credit toward another class. Credit is not given toward private training, and there are no cash refunds.

Q: What's a typical boot camp class like?
A: Each class starts with a warm up -- which can be walked, jogged or run -- then we stretch (see the Photos page to see boot camp in action). The core of the class is a mix of cardio and strength training. The cardio work might include jump ropes, bear crawls and running "horses." Strength training might consist of resistance bands, medicine balls and using the weight of your own body with pushups, situps or tricep dips. We incorporate a variety of exercises into each class to keep it fun and interesting. And, of course, everything is "go at your own pace."

Q: I'm worried about committing to a multi-week boot camp. What if it's not for me?
A: Check out our one-day boot camp try-it-free program. It lets you try a class for a nominal fee and with no commitment.

Q: What do I bring to class?
A: All you need is water and a decent-sized towel (big enough so you can lie on it an keep your torso from getting dirty). And definitely eat breakfast.

Q: What if it rains?
A: We continue to hold class in the rain, as long as there is no lightning and it is not uncomfortably cold. To check to see if a class has been canceled due to weather, please call (281) 460-3481 or (713) 503-4741.

Q: Seriously? You hold class in the rain?
A: Some of our most intense and exciting classes have occurred in the rain! It's very dramatic. Think "Officer and a Gentleman," but without all that yelling. But again, this only is appropriate during the warmer months and when there is no lightning.

Q: So, you don't yell?
A: No. Absolutely not. Everything we do is positive and upbeat and encouraging.

Q: What other services or products does LYBF offer?
A: We have written a short, easy-to-read fitness book that we will make available on the Web site soon. Also, we do things such as grocery store tours (to show you how to debunk labels and buy healthy foods). And, thanks to client demand, we will soon offer not only diet and workout tips on the site, but also a variety of merchandise. You will be able to purchase excellent food bars, some select fitness equipment and even some fitness apparel.

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