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Listen to what boot camp attendees are saying

By Bethany Hughes, LYBF co-founder and boot camp participant
"All the hard work is worth it. In January 2005, as a size 14, I stepped on the scale and it read 175 pounds. The last time I weighed that was when I delivered my last child. I weighed 177. I was never an athlete and always shied away from team sports. I usually jogged in my 20s and 30s to keep my weight down. Occasionally I rode a stationary bike or I used the elliptical trainer. The closest I came to weightlifting was an elective in college. Over the years my weight went up and down. I struggled year after year and I could never get below 155. I tried several different diets. I began to ask advice from friends who were fit. I had never eaten breakfast before and usually snacked late at night. With two small children I was busy and rarely planned out what I was going to eat. In turn, I made bad choice after bad choice, mostly out of convenience. That desire for the easy way coupled with a sweet tooth, made losing weight a challenge."

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Melissa S., LYBF Boot Camp participant
Boot camp is truly the best thing that I have ever done for myself! It took me six months to psyche myself up to even do it! I thought that I would try to get in shape before I went to my first one. HA! That did not happen! I knew I had to just dive in and do it. Plus, I was afraid that I would totally embarass myself! Boy, was I wrong about that. Totally the opposite. Everyone encouraged me. I was the caboose and they just cheered me on and it only made my desire stronger to get fit! What is so great about boot camp is that you and only you are at your level and it doesn't matter what the others are doing. Everyone is there for the same goal to get fit and healthy! I started this past Sept. and I couldn't even jog a quarter of a mile. I was a full size 10 and needed two hours more sleep, and now the beginning of June, I can jog two miles or more and I'm a size 6 and have so much more energy!!! Boot camp has been the only thing that has made me exercise on a consistent basis. I didn't want to be the type of mom who was telling my kids to go have fun, I wanted to join them! Now I do and we're having a blast! Not only am I so very thankful for boot camp, but my entire family is too!

By Susan G., LYBF Boot Camp participant
This is the only exercise program I've been able to stick with. It's never boring because the routine varies from day to day. I love being outside. It's hard, but I know I'm getting a great workout. And Bethany always makes everyone feel welcome by introducing newcomers at every class.

By Sue O., LYBF Boot Camp participant
I really enjoy the boot camp. I'm hooked and will keep signing up for as long as I can! It has made such a difference in my life. I have always run and exercised so it wasn't really a matter of trying something completely new. What I do get out of it is such a fun, nurturing atmosphere. I enjoy all the people that I get to meet each time and I just love all the various exercises that the trainers plan out each week. Turns out that I've gotten so much stronger AND I've dropped a dress size! Who knew???!!! So it's fun AND I'm getting into shape. Crazy.

Homepage GraphicBy Kathy M., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"Boot camp has been a tremendous help for me! Over the course of about six months, I lost all of my post-baby weight and I feel much healthier, stronger, and more energetic. The trainers are great! They change the workout each week so we never get bored, and they are able to modify for anyone who may need something different. I always feel revitalized after boot camp. Vince is very good about making sure we have proper nutrition, which was the other key to me getting back to my high-school weight. Vince will go over food journals and give advice if needed. He has also had a nutritionist come speak to our group. I highly recommend boot camp! I look forward to the friends and the exercise each time!"

By Ana S., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"Boot camp has been a great experience for me! I had not exercised regularly in a long time, and this has been a fantastic way to get started! The trainers encourage you to go at your own pace and to do what feels right for you. They are always encouraging (without yelling!) and they take an interest in helping each individual do the best that she can do. It is challenging, but fun - they change things up so it is never boring! After a few weeks, I noticed improvement in the things that I was able to do and the distances I could run without stopping to walk - I know boot camp is helping me! It has also motivated me to focus on diet, other exercise and just general good health! I highly recommend trying it!"

Homepage GraphicBy Melissa M., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"I attended my first boot camp in the Spring of '06 and I'm still doing it today! I lost 10 pounds. It is just the boost I need each week to keep me motivated to stay on my eating and exercise program. I love the fact that there are no whips cracking and no screaming like other boot camps. I can go at my own pace and the hour goes by so fast because you are constantly doing something different. Really fun!!"

By Patty E., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"This is a “Boot Camp” like no other. The workouts are challenging, yet within your capabilities. The group is serious, but light-hearted and fun. Everyone is on their own level, yet we are in this together. Vince has a way of motivating you without belittling you. At the end of the workout, you are thankful it’s over, but at the same time, you are already looking forward to the next!"

By Heather L., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"Thank you for creating the opportunity to attend boot camp. When I went to my first class, I thought I would not make it ... but I did and I liked it. When you said, "To each their own level," you meant it. There is no yelling, only encouragement. The boot camps are fun, efficient and a good value. I get a complete workout (from head to toe) early in the day with a bunch of nice women. I am happier and more fit. Thank you!"

Homepage GraphicBy Laurie O, LYBF Boot Camp participant
"Prior to joining Vince's boot camp, I was getting my exercise in by running three miles, three times a week. I knew it was not a complete workout because I was not working on overall strengthening. A friend told me about the boot camp and there were time slots that fit into my schedule. I am so glad that I started going. I feel like I am getting a much better workout and I can see the results in my upper body muscle tone. I really enjoy the time I spend with the other women. It is so much more fun than running alone. Vince works us hard, but is also sensitive to individual abilities and always has alternatives when injuries flair up."

By Jennifer H., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"Sticking with an exercise and weight loss program is one of the hardest things for me; however, with LYBF boot camps, it's easy. Having a group of fun women to work out with helps me to not only get to boot camp, but also makes the hour of exercise go by quickly. It is impossible to get bored as each class is different. With the supervision of the trainers, we're doing exercises that I wouldn't typically do on my own to get cardio and strength training. Not only have I lost weight doing these boot camps, I'm also much stronger. I can't say enough great things about LYBF boot camps!"

Homepage GraphicBy Lisa H., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"I joined Love Your Body Fitness with a friend, never anticipating that I would make new friends or enjoy working out so much!!! It had been a while (maybe a long while) since I had exercised, but I quickly lost inches and weight as we moved from one adventure to the next. I love the sense of camaraderie and accomplishment that comes with each boot camp. The instructors are encouraging but not pushy, and full of information without lecturing. The other "campers" encourage one another to "go for it" but without a sense of competitiveness. Best of all, I am wearing clothes that had been sitting in my closet (like long lost friends) and having fun at the same time. According to my trusty Polar heart monitor, I burn approximately 500 calories in the one hour sessions and 750 in the Saturday sessions. What a great feeling, losing weight with friends while playing!!!! The time goes quickly in the sessions and I love the sense of momentum I feel after each boot camp. My only regret is that the class (and ultimately the sessions) end. I would encourage everyone to join the boot camps. There is room for everyone, the world class athlete and the newly found athlete. Come join the fun and learn how to love yourself!!"

By Cathy H., LYBF Boot Camp participant
"I started Boot Camp last spring and have continued this summer. It has been a combination of cardio, strength building, ab work, etc. that changes every week just to keep us guessing! I have a route that I have jogged along for many months, but have never really gotten my time down. After the spring session of Boot Camp, I looked down at my watch and noticed that my time had dropped by about 8%. I am no expert, but all I can surmise is that the all over fitness Boot Camp provides increased my strength and stamina ... and voila! My jog has graduated to a slow run! As an added bonus, all of the women I've met in the class are really nice and fun to work out with. The trainers are supportive of each "camper" no matter what the fitness level."

Bethany Hughes LYBF co-founder and boot camp participant

"The last 20 pounds usually is the hardest, but with these boot camps, those pounds almost fell off of me."

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LYBF Boot Camp participant

"I can go at my own pace and the hour goes by so fast because you are constantly doing something different. Really fun!!"


By Lisa H., LYBF Boot Camp participant

"Best of all, I am wearing clothes that had been sitting in my closet (like long lost friends) and having fun at the same time."

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